Our Team

It’s my very great pleasure to introduce you to the world’s premier home furnishings company! Did you know that we’ve been decorating homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada for over 45 years?

As owner and lead decorator of Angela Scollar Designs, I have over 15 years of experience making homes more functional and beautiful. My business partner, Lindsay, is a Life Coach with close to 20 years of experience teaching people how to navigate personal and professional storms. Our talents combine to create an unparalleled decorating experience for clients that combines lifestyle and beauty without costing a fortune.  Our process helps you discover your unique vision for how you want to feel and live in your home and then makes that dream reality. 

If you’re looking for a company, that is easy to work with, decorates around your lifestyle, works within your budget, and makes decorating a fun experience, please give us a call.